A cultural deep-dive into Tokyo's most anti-establishment subculture. Check back soon for exclusive event details.

Navigating creator cultures through the streets of Tokyo.

What is Tokyo 20xx

Tokyo 20XX is a cultural insights project that dives into the city at street-level and looks at the creators shaping culture at its formative level, as well as the brands who are impacting these spaces.

Tokyo is home to some of the world’s most innovative, provocative, and eye-catching demonstrations of creator culture; and with a number of marquee, globally significant events on the horizon, developments over the coming years are set to catalyse cultural change in the city.

Tokyo 20XXは、東京における消費者インサイトのスペシャリストが制作しました。街のカルチャーを形成しているクリエイターと、その地域を活動拠点にしているブランドを、よりミクロなストリートレベルで分析しています。東京には世界でも最もイノベーティブで、挑発的で、人の目を引くクリエイター文化があります。


With its abundance of retail spaces, nightlife and music venues, Shibuya has come to represent a multi-sensory, hyper-consumerist playground, central to the development of youth and urban culture in Tokyo, and even playing a major role in influencing pop cultural trends throughout the globe.

Ward Monshō

Emblem of Shibuya, Tokyo

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Music 20xx

An aural history of Shibuya and its role in shaping Japanese music culture

Sports 20xx

An exploration into the people whose movements are renegotiating public space in Shibuya

LGBTQ 20xx

A retrospective of recent shifts in Shibuya and its relationship with the LGBTQ community

Sounds of Shibuya

A playlist inspired by Shibuya, reflecting its continued influence on contemporary Japanese music culture

Our Mission

We provide brands with an entirely new geography of the city: one that puts creator cultures front-and-centre, and maps out new routes and avenues through which brands can make decisive inroads into its ever-changing, ever-evolving media landscape.